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If you want to list your used car for sale, then your new motor is your preferred platform for all your selling-related needs. Attract lots of buyers by listing cars on sale for free in just a few clicks without any lengthy procedure.

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Your New Motor is the leading car buying and selling platform in the UK and has been serving its customers for over a decade now. With us, you can quickly sell your car in no time as we have many customers and dealers registered on our site looking forward to grabbing amazing deals.

Our team manages all the things seamlessly between all the parties involved to ensure hassle-free results and end-to-end customer satisfaction. Before listing your car, make sure to add all the relevant details and images to attract the right customers and remove issues later on!


The Process At Yournewmotor To Sell Your Car!

We follow three easy steps in the procedure to sell your car on this platform. Let’s check it out!

  • List it for free

    The very first step in selling your car is listing it on this platform. Make sure to add all the accurate details about the car and even your details, along with the best images to attract a lot of buyers.

  • Connect with potential customers..

    After listing, you will get requests to chat with potential customers and discuss all the relevant details. And whenever you find the right buyer, you can lock in the deal.

  • Your car is sold!

    After listing, you will get requests to chat with potential customers and discuss all the relevant details. And whenever you find the right buyer, you can lock in the deal.

Why choose us to sell your used car?


Seamless process for putting a car on sale

Yournewmotor has the easy, more straightforward, and cost-efficient process to list your car. In just a few clicks and a short process, you will be able to list your car on this platform and attract a lot of buyers without going anywhere.


Huge customer base

There are many registered customers on our platform looking forward to quality cars. So, with Yournewmotor, you can appeal to a plethora of customers with so much ease.


Free listing of the car

On your new motor marketplace, you can list your car for free, and no hidden charges are involved. We will not charge you any amount until your car is sold. Your listing will be redeemed every 30 days, and we will send you a notification for the same.


Get the right price

Yournewmotor is the genuine platform for those looking to sell and buy their car. We have a price calculator through which you can estimate the price of your car and get the best price as per market rates.


Quick approvals and payments

We believe in a quick and efficient process to sell your used car. As soon as everything is finalized between the seller and buyer - our team will inspect the car, and if everything seems fine, we will quickly move forward to payment and transfer the car ownership.


The disbursement process is usually completed on the same day that the deal is completed. However, sometimes it may take up to 1-2 days. We make sure that the car is not collected before payment.

When you have finished entering all the information about yourself and your vehicles, your listing will be live on the site. Make sure to include all relevant and accurate information about yourself and your vehicle.

It is entirely free to use this platform and list your car on our website. You must pay a certain proportion after successfully selling your car through our platform.

We can handle any outstanding finance on your vehicle. All we request is that you contact the finance company and arrange for a settlement figure to be sent to us. We will pay this in full when we pick up your car.

Any remaining balance is deposited into your bank account at the same time. If you owe more on your loan than the car is worth, you can refund the difference with a credit or debit card.

We will clear the finance fully because we cannot sell a used car with outstanding finance.

If you are a private seller, you can list your car for free. To list your car for sale, just click here and get started with it!

The listing on our website expires after thirty days. However, a reminder will be sent when the expiration date is approaching, and you can choose to extend your listing at any time.

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