How is it going to take to transfer the payout?

The disbursement process is usually completed on the same day that the deal is completed. However, sometimes it may take up to 1-2 days. We make sure that the car is not collected before payment.

How much time does it take to list a car?

When you have finished entering all the information about yourself and your vehicles, your listing will be live on the site. Make sure to include all relevant and accurate information about yourself and your vehicle.

Are there any hidden fees involved?

It is entirely free to use this platform and list your car on our website. You must pay a certain proportion after successfully selling your car through our platform.

What if I still have a loan on my vehicle?

We can handle any outstanding finance on your vehicle. All we request is that you contact the finance company and arrange for a settlement figure to be sent to us. We will pay this in full when we pick up your car.

Any remaining balance is deposited into your bank account at the same time. If you owe more on your loan than the car is worth, you can refund the difference with a credit or debit card.

We will clear the finance fully because we cannot sell a used car with outstanding finance.

How can I sell a used car on your new motor?

If you are a private seller, you can list your car for free. To list your car for sale, just click here and get started with it!

How long can I keep my listing on your marketplace?

The listing on our website expires after thirty days. However, a reminder will be sent when the expiration date is approaching, and you can choose to extend your listing at any time.

Is it free to advertise my vehicle?

Yes, it’s completely free to advertise used cars, vans and motorbikes with the free listing option.

You can also feature your advert and extend it for a longer period of time to attract even more potential buyers with the paid listing options.

Highlighted Private Listings

The price of a Highlighted Listing is £4.99 and it will provide a more visible advert to stand out from the crowd for 14 days. 

Featured Private Listings

The price of a Featured Listing is £9.99 and it will provide priority positioning for your listing for 14 days. 

How many vehicles can be posted by a private seller?

Private sellers may list up to three vehicles annually. If you wish to list more than three vehicles annually you need to signup for a Trade/Dealer Subscription which can be found here.

How long do I have to sell my car?

Private listings expire after thirty days. However, a reminder will be sent when the expiration date is approaching and you can choose to extend your listing at any time.


How can I sell my car on yournewmotor?

If you are a private seller you can list your car for free. To list your car for sale, click on the Sell at the top of the home page.

How long does it take to list a car? 

Your listing will be live on the site as soon as you have completed entering your vehicles details.

Do you own the vehicles advertised?

No, we don’t own any of the vehicles advertised. yournewmotor.co.uk is an advertising portal for private sellers and dealers to advertise their vehicles.

How do you protect the privacy of my private details?

We regard our clients' confidentiality and ensure that no data is given to a third party in any situation. We safeguard your data and all documents.

How can I reach out to your team?

Please feel free to contact us directly at hello@yournewmotor.co.uk if you have any questions. One of our customer service representatives will respond as soon as possible.

When is the best time to purchase a used car?

If you're looking to purchase a used car, you're probably wondering if now is a good time to do so. It is entirely dependent on your needs and budget. And if you're searching for the finest used cars, your new car dealership always has incredible deals on used cars.

Can I test drive the used car before purchasing it?

Test-driving a car is an excellent way to ensure that it meets your requirements and is in good shape. When you approach the seller of your new vehicle, you can arrange for a test drive.

When driving, keep an eye out for any weird sounds, noises, vibrations, or warning lights both inside and outside the vehicle.

Is it safe and recommended to buy a used car online?

One of the most common concerns when purchasing a used car is that it will not last long. Each car mentioned on our site is subjected to a 5-point background investigation, so you can purchase a used car with the knowledge that it is safe to drive and lawful.

You can also complete a vehicle inspection to ensure the used car is priced correctly and as defined. In terms of the car itself, you can read our expert reviews to learn how it performs in terms of dependability, safety, and other vital indicators.

Do I get all the original papers for the car?

Yes, we only list cars that have all the original documents. So, you will get the original papers for the car you purchase.

Is it free to advertise my vehicles?

Yes, it’s completely free for dealers to advertise up to 3 of their vehicles with the free listing option however we would recommend upgrading to take advantage of having:-


  • Unlimited listings. Advertise as many cars as you want with no extra charges.
  • Email Alerts. Your car listings will be emailed to potential buyers whose search criteria matches your new listing.

Can dealers advertise their vehicles?

Yes, dealers can advertise their cars, vans and motorbikes on yournewmotor.co.uk

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards such as:
VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe and Paypal