5 Things You Should Surely Consider Before Choosing a Used Car Dealer


The majority of customers prefer new car brands, but their price levels are usually prohibitively expensive for others. If buying a new car isn't an alternative, you can always go with a used car. It provides the same features at a lower cost.

However, keep in mind that before buying used car, you must make a sensible and trusted car dealer choice!

The best car dealer is one who prioritizes the customer's needs over all else. Most used car buyers have experienced frustration while dealing with dishonest used car dealers.

So, select a buyer who will assist you in selecting the best-used car for you, so you don't waste your time and money on an untrusted vehicle.

In this blog, we will be covering some things that you consider before choosing a used car dealer. Let’s find out!

5 things you should consider before choosing a used car dealer in UK.

1.  Consider the ratings & reviews of the car dealer

When looking for the best-used car, always take into account a credible second-hand dealer. When it comes to high-quality service and products, it is best to read customer feedback about used car dealers.

It is never a smart option to choose a second-hand car dealer without first conducting some thorough research. You ensure that you deal with vendors who have previously satisfied customers.

And if you're looking for a seasoned second-hand car dealer, YourNewMotor is the place to go! In the last ten years, we've served over 200 clients and collaborated with several well-known automakers, public transportation companies, and logistics firms to provide a smooth service to our customers.

2.  End-to-End Quality testing

Used car dealers should have certified employees to undertake vehicle inspections and provide you with detailed information on the quality and other vital information.

You should request inspections in regions such as the vehicle's outer checking, interior cleanup, mechanical safety checks and classification, a real picture of the car's condition, the dealer's quality wrap, and a surveyor's review as well.

Checking all of that information will assist you in selecting the best fit for your needs. To accomplish this, ensure that the dealer you choose has a licensed individual or staff to assist you.

3.  Request the odometer verification

An odometer is a device used to measure the distance covered by a car you are going to buy.

You may hear a lot regarding odometer rollback frauds. To prevent this, you must request an odometer certificate from the vendor. To avoid being tricked when purchasing a car, you should obtain a vehicle history review.

Odometer scam is among the illegal suggestions made by dealers or sellers. If you become an odometer rollback target, you may end up having to pay more for the car than its value during the purchase process.

4.  Clarify about after-sales services

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, and components will wear out over time. That is why a known and trusted warranty plan is so essential, and it also implies that service after the sale is essential for keeping your vehicle preserved and in good condition.

Does the vendor have a service centre and skilled staff for the same? If the dealer has a service centre, are they truly committed to providing great customer service, or do they simply want to reduce warranty coverage and shift the burden onto you?

Some dealers advertise a "free" or "lifetime" warranty. If it would seem too good to be true, it possibly isn't. If it says it's free, there could be hidden fees or it could be completely free.

So, analyze everything and then choose the right one!

5.  You should also consider your overall experience.

Buying a car is a big deal, and you want to make sure it's an incredible life feeling, so you should always avoid potential downfalls that may arise with buying second-hand car.

Paying much attention to how you are greeted is another way to determine whether you are interacting with the right car dealer.

Assess the car dealer's behaviour patterns during the procedure and then decide if he is genuinely interested in what you are looking for, or if he is inclined to attentively answer all of your questions and prerequisites.

You can accomplish this by visiting various car dealers in your neighbourhood that are rated as the finest used car dealers.

These factors should be considered when selecting a used car dealer because it’s quite useful in the long run and getting the best end product and services. We hope this information is useful to you in making the decision.

And if you're looking for one, YourNewMotorUK is one of the most reputable used car dealers in the UK. If you want to purchase a used car and have any queries regarding the same, then reach out to us & we will be delighted to assist you.

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4 Steps to Sell Your Used Car in Botley

Selling your used car may be a scary process, especially if you've never done it before. Regardless of how you go about it, we at Moneyshake want to show you that you can obtain the market value of your used car without having to jump through hoops.

Do you want to sell your used car but don't know where to begin? Continue reading to learn 4 of our best strategies for selling your Used car in Botley quickly and without losing money.

1. Get a valuation for your car

When you decide to sell your car, the first thing you need do is receive an accurate assessment. Many variables influence the value of your car, including:

Age \ Mileage

Model and make

Current market pricing

This is the most important aspect influencing the value of your vehicle. There is no way to appropriately price your old motor without the assistance of industry pros.

There are now internet firms that will provide you with a free valuation for your vehicle based just on the registration and mileage.

2. If you have a new dream car in mind, consider part-exchanging

Part-exchanging your old automobile with a dealership is one of the finest methods to get rid of it if you want to buy a new one.

The beauty of part-exchange is that it allows you to kill two birds with one stone. You get to get rid of your second-hand car while still completing the transaction for your new model. Typically, this entails you utilising your second-hand car to offset some of the cost of your new car.

This method of selling your used car in botley usually works well with car finance arrangements such as PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). This is due to the fact that the car you're trading in might be utilised to cover a portion or all of the deposit on your new model.

While part-exchanging may appear to be the solution to all of your problems, there are a few factors to keep in mind. A dealership, for example, will frequently pay less for your used car than a private buyer. This is because they offer discounted part-exchanged models to used car dealerships in the UK.

3. Make sure your used car is in good condition

It is essential to keep your second-hand car in good condition in order to earn a decent price when you sell it. Of course, a used car will not appear like it just rolled out of the showroom. However, there should be no noticeable damage to your car when you come to sell it, or you will most likely receive less than the car is worth.

You shouldn't be pinched for price when selling a used car as long as its condition matches its age and miles on the clock.

Check the following items to ready your used car for sale:

  • It's spotless from the inside out. More information on how to accomplish this may be found in our auto cleaning guide. Alternatively, you may have it professionally valeted at a reputable car wash near you (be sure to check online reviews beforehand).
  • Check that everything is in working order. Before you sell your car, make sure that everything works properly, from the engine and brakes to the electrics. Check the service history of your used car before selling it. In our maintenance guide, you can learn all you need to know about getting your car serviced.

4. Cancel your insurance and reclaim any road tax

You may not have realised it, but when you sell your car, you can obtain a refund for any outstanding months of tax. To cancel your road tax and receive a refund, you must notify the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) that you have sold your second-hand car to someone else.

Following this, the DVLA will terminate your car tax. If you pay your tax by direct debit monthly, it will be immediately cancelled.

Visit GOV.UK to learn everything you need to know about cancelling your car tax.

Do you need a new automobile if you sell your old one? Moneyshake compares lease agreements on every brand and model and displays the lowest price available at the moment from our carefully selected providers. So you won't have to waste time searching numerous websites or calling around.

Your new car's monthly payments are fixed, and each plan includes free delivery, the complete manufacturer's guarantee, and road tax.


How YourNewMotor Help You to Buy or Sell Your Used Car in UK

Sell Used Car in UK is a tough call to make. People are graduating from two-wheelers to four-wheelers and those with four-wheelers are looking at upgrading their wheels. There's one thing that people universally dislike, which is negotiating the price of a car. It still needs the awkward showdown with a salesman which can be an intimidating process.

Bargaining, haggling, and negotiating used to be a common part of buying almost anything. With the help of an online car-purchasing, price-comparison site that will doubtless help the socially uncomfortable. Now buying cars is just a few clicks away. It uses the reverse marketplace model to remove the need for customers to negotiate with dealers when buying or selling their cars.

Users can search for the specific make and model vehicle they want and view all the best offers available allowing them to select the best suitable vehicle. It makes buying and selling a much easier task to perform.

Now, you can find your next dream car at Yournewmotor simply use the intuitive search feature to find vehicles that match your needs, sorted by distance, model, mileage and of course within your budget price. Finding A used car is no longer a hassle for you. Finding your next dream new car is easy.

On average, the typical used vehicle sold for £17,481.38 in UK 2020. A new car will devalue by about 10% the moment it leaves the forecourt and another 20% within its first year. Sell your second-hand car is now extremely easy.

Why your new motor:

  • It offers a wide range of cars for sale
  • Budget-friendly
  • Most trusted and user friendly
  • No sales pressure
  • No time pressures
  • No face-to-face interaction
  • Opportunity to shop several deals simultaneously

Important pieces of information are:

  • Model year (e.g., 2021)
  • Make/Brand (e.g., Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda)
  • Model (e.g., Camry, Tahoe, Pilot)
  • Trim level (e.g., LX, LTZ, EX-L)
  • Colour
  • Mileage
  • budget (min and max)

These factors offer you incredible advantages as a negotiator compared to walking into a dealership, meeting a salesperson at the door, and wending your way through the traditional sales process. If you are looking to buy Used cars or you want to Sell Used car then your new motor is the best suitable platform for you. You can list your car free of charge and reach potential buyers.


5 crucial things to consider before buying a used car-Lets dig down

Buying a used car on sale seems to have its own set of benefits. You won't have to worry about depreciating as it has already lost a lot of worth during the first few years. As a result, you will no longer need to worry about routine maintenance and upkeep.

Moreover, used cars sales are less pricey, which means you'll have to spend less money to buy one, and the insurance costs will also be cheaper than they would be for a new car.

However, there are a few aspects to consider before deciding on your ideal Used Car for Sale in Botley. Continue reading to learn more about items to consider when Buying a used car.

Do the careful & thorough analysis

Once you've made the decision to buy a used car, it's critical to pay attention to the finer points. If you are familiar with the technical features of an automobile, you can examine it yourself or seek assistance from a reputable mechanic.

Before purchasing a used vehicle, here is a list of the things to look for and assess in terms of its condition.


Examine the upholstery in the automobile. Examine the front and back seats for tears or stains. If the car has electronic equipment such as a sound system, monitor, and so on, use them to test its operation.


Examine the vehicle from every possible aspect. Things may appear to be fine at first glance, but a closer examination can show a different image.


It is recommended that the engine be properly inspected. Examine the tubes for leaks, corrosion, and cracks. Examine the oil and transmission fluid using a dipstick as well.


When buying a used car, pay careful consideration to the mileage. If a car that isn't too old is getting you less mileage than when the seller bought it from the dealership, it would be really costly for you to handle its fuel charges.

A test drive is vital before buying a used car on sale.

It is critical to test drive a used car since it allows you to assess the vehicle's health. Call the car dealer and tell them about the vehicles you're interested in purchasing, as well as the ideal day and time for you.

It's worth contacting them ahead of visiting because the last thing you want is to arrive and discover that the car is unavailable.

When test driving a used automobile, spend approximately 20 minutes riding it so it's completely warmed up, rather than just doing the "circle around the street" that most dealers will like you to do.

Bring somebody who understands much about vehicles and can act as a second pair of eyes and ears to help you avoid making impulsive decisions.

Get access to all the necessary documents.

You should also ask for the Valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate as well from the owner or dealer. It is critical to check and transfer all the car's necessary certifications under your name to avoid any future problems.

  • One of the most important documents is the RC (Registration Certificate), which you must fill out and submit along with Form 29 & Form 30, provided by the RTO to update your name. Both the former owner and you must sign the form to get things done.
  • You should also think about the used car insurance coverage that has been placed into your name.
  • Also, make certain that the used car you are purchasing has no outstanding loans.
  • If you are Buy Used car on financing from the previous owner, don't forget to get the original invoice.
  • Also, request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the car financing firm.

Inquire about the car’s maintenance history

To ensure that the used automobile you are purchasing is an excellent investment, ask the seller about its maintenance history. A well-maintained car will always have a comprehensive record of its upkeep, which you may not be able to easily find with a bad vendor.

A well-kept car will not cost you a lot of money in future expenses and maintenance, however, a poorly maintained car will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

As a result, evaluating the vehicle's maintenance history is something to think about when purchasing a vehicle.

It is best to make it a rule. No maintenance record equates no deal at all.

Car usage

In general, cars may begin to underperform after five years. After a few years, the secondhand automobile may require repairs, and its maintenance costs may skyrocket, disrupting your budget in the long term. As a result, it is preferable to gain an automobile with fewer owners or one owner and fewer years of use.

There is a possibility that the automobile will not be used extensively, but if it was built 5 years earlier, will its spare parts be widely available, and will it produce good revenue if we ever need to sell it in the coming years?

Consider your options and come up with a viable solution that will benefit you.

To conclude -

I hope the above used-car buying guide has provided you with a decent understanding of Buying used cars.

Purchasing a car is unlike any other investment you will make. You must be highly informed, competent, and dedicated to the task.

Never let people tell you what you require or what is healthy for you. Go after what you want, and you will inevitably find of your goals. If you follow these methods, you should have no trouble to find your next dream car that will become an asset.

Because of the ease with which financing is available, many consumers have been enticed to purchase a used car. It's a nice thing if it's within your budget, but it's also important to examine all the other considerations.